Empowering email marketers to deliver
The vendor-agnostic email marketing platform

Email marketing is straight forward marketing of commercial message to a group of people who are available on email. In its widest sense, every email which is sent to a targeted or potential customer could be regarded as email marketing. It usually includes sending ads by using email, requesting for initiate business, or promote sales or donations, and is also meant for building loyalty, credibility, trust with business partners or consumers, most importantly creating brand awareness. Email marketing are performed on the basis of current customer database or a ready list.
In a broad sense, the term is generally used to refer to sending messages through email. The main purpose of is to enhance the relationship of a business house with its present or previous customers. Email marketing encourages gaining new customers, holding current customers by making them buy new services immediately, customer reliability and repetition of business. Here we add to the email messages other ads which are sent by different companies to our customers.